hong kong is revolting – to get the economy back

it needs the entrepreneurs back

to get the entrepreneurs back, it needs democracy

Returning  Valiant  ~ Lives on… the free world is with you.

Five Gen3M adolescents of Hong Kong are jailed as they follow older generations, the Millennials (Tong Ying-kit, 24 and Lui Sai-yu, 25), Gen X (Yang Hengjun given a suspended death sentence) and others, up to Baby Boomers (Jimmy Lai, 74) along the path of pro-democracy for Hong Kong. Courage is alive and valiant.


Candle Vigil in commemoration of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing

Every year, people in Hong Kong gather at Victoria Park every evening of June 4th to commemorate the anniversary of the June Fourth Incident (Tiananmen Square Massacre).

For 31 years, tens of thousands of people gathered here, lit up candles, and illuminate Hong Kong’s Victoria Park to commemorate the sacrifices of the people who fought for democracy in Tiananmen Square.

Last year, because of the Covid pandemic the candles were unlit.

This year, we hope to illuminate Victoria Park again and fight for the democracy of China and Hong Kong.

Execution -a famous painting created by Yue Minjun following the June 1989 massacre of protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The courageous Chinese artist says," The viewer should not link this painting to Tiananmen. But Tiananmen is the catalyst for conceiving of this painting."

No laughing matter: China cancels comedy, citing ‘force majeure’


Huge numbers gathered at Tiananmen Square June 1989

33 Years ago, spring of 1989 there was growing sentiment among university students and others in China for political and economic reform. The country had experienced a decade of remarkable economic growth and liberalization, and many Chinese had been exposed to foreign ideas and standards of living. In addition, although the economic advances in China had brought new prosperity
to many citizens, it was accompanied by price inflation and opportunities for corruption by government officials. In the mid-1980s the central government had encouraged some people (notably scientists and intellectuals) to assume a more active political role, but student-led demonstrations calling for more individual rights and freedoms in late 1986 and early 1987 caused hard-liners in the government and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to suppress what they termed “bourgeois liberalism.” One casualty of this tougher stance was Hu Yaobang, who had been the CCP general secretary since 1980 and who had encouraged democratic reforms; in January 1987 he was forced to resign his post.

Millions of voices emanate around the world!


Kids 4 Kids Inc support Gen3M changing the world!

First up – STOP the WAR in UKRAINE

               – STOP Netanyahu’s GENOCIDE in GAZA


Simultaneously, ROCS: To bring the global economy back to pre-Covid levels, massive consumer spending is needed, which needs people being employed, earning income. Gen3M can help, even though we’re mostly all students. Our promises have value. Gen3M has set up a Futures Fund.

Here's an example of how it works:

Li Jing, aged 14 from Hong Kong, China,  pledges to purchase a Gen3M T-shirt when she turns 15 in five months time.

She donates $2.50 to ROCS with her pledge to purchase a T-shirt and Gen3M, as co-sponsor, credits $3.00 to her T-shirt purchase.

This logs a credit of $18.00 for China-ROCS to the Gen3M Futures Fund (the cost of the t-shirt). We remind Li Jing to send the balance in 5 months.

Parental approval is necessary if pledging under age 16.

Marscom Media guarantees an initial $1M for PLEDGES.

 Gen3M has set up a Futures Fund with assistance from sponsors. Covid and its variants are a formidable opponents, responsible for the loss of many lives, decimating economies and this necessitates radical counter-strategies, to be implemented across nations.

The Gen3M Futures Fund is such -a radical counter-strategy, which is Gen3M’s contribution to assisting humanity recover economically.

In the highest realms of stock exchange, where hundreds of millions of $$ are traded in a single deal,brokers simply give their word to buy and/or sell. The trade is effected but paperwork comes later = TRUST; a bit like eBay where people pay for goods before actually receiving them.

Recession is when people don’t have jobs, can’t afford to spend, so the economy stagnates. “Inevitable” is how most economists have defined this recession. How soon we come through it is the big question. Amazingly, Gen3M may be able to help and perhaps lay down a template to inspire others.

A business, which has received $X in pledges, can then leverage the value of their communal pledges, with their guarantees. The Pledges are to purchase items. This promises an exchange of goods or services at a future date and that is what is needed to get our economy moving again, as fast as possible.

What happens if I can’t complete a pledge?

Some of those making pledges will be unable to fulfill their pledge, through a change in circumstances or other factors. That’s where Sponsors, guarantors of pledges such as Marscom Media, come into effect. They ensure that the product that you pledged to purchase, is purchased, but then donated to Kids 4 Kids Inc. a registered charity under Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission  [NSW Y2079715]

When you purchase your product, you get a bonus for keeping your pledge. e.g. with a T-shirt purchase, instead of getting a standard T-shirt, you receive a limited-edition T-shirt worth much more than the price of a regular T-shirt.

The Marscom Group have guaranteed an initial $1million to cover Pledges by Gen3M. Pledges are to purchase a specific item, for a specific amount, on a specific date. Each pledge is helping to stimulate the economy and inspire others to do the same.

The burden of the COVID debt, created by older generations, is part of our inheritance and we will carry it, knowing that the priority of most governments was saving lives, above economic consideration.

For us, young people leaving school, going into jobs or onto uni, this will give each of us an invaluable credit history, which normally take years to build up.

PLEDGES are limited by age, amount and period. See chart below for how much you can pledge. Initially, PLEDGES will be limited to T-shirts but we will be expanding to cover a range of merchandise and services.

Promissory Note

Promissory Notes (i.e. a promise to do something) are negotiable commodities. The vast majority of Gen3M are under the legal age to enter into any contract but is that going to stop us? No! We can promise to do things or promise to purchase things. Then it is just up to each person making the promise, to do it or not do it, when the time comes to fulfill the promise.



There is another, separate project by Kids 4 Kids Inc. where the prime focus is now the welfare of the people of Ukraine – medical and educational assistance. This support extends to the recovery of occupied land, including Crimea, where Russia has invaded Ukraine.

UKRAINE ROCS (Recovery Over Crimea Support) is a fund raising campaign organized by Kids 4 Kids Inc. in Australia, a registered charity, focusing on medical and educational needs for Ukrainian children.

100% of proceeds with PLEDGES for Ukraine go to this Ukraine project of  Kids 4 Kids Inc. a registered charity under Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission  [NSW Y2079715] which has been helping children in life-threatening circumstances for almost 30 years.